Mária Herczog

Mária HerczogMaria Herczog besides being the chair of the Association has been the chief researcher and a trainer since the organisation was established. Her area of research has been child welfare, child protection, with special focus on children deprived of family care, infanticide, child abuse and neglect, child rights. She was one of the authors of the first shadow report submitted to the Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2004.


As an academic she has been working as a researcher since 1979 and a university lecturer (now reader) since 1985. As a temporary scientific expert she has been working for the Council of Europe, UNICEF, and participating in a number of EU funded research and projects as well. Currently she is working in two Daphne programs, one on baby abandonment in Europe and another one on service provision for children abused in their families. In another EU funded program she is taking part in a project on interviewing children in living in different situations about their awareness of their rights.


She was elected to be a member of the UN CRC in 2006 and re-elected in 2010 for a second term.


Read more from Mária Herczog on her website: www.herczogmaria.hu

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