Child Rights

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (accepted in 1989 by the United Nations’ Committee) has been a part of the Hungarian rule of law since 1991( LXIV of 1991). The government and the NGOs that compiled the alternative report returned to the United Nations’ Child Right Committee on the implementation of child rights in Hungary in 1998 and 2006. After the 2006 report, the Committee recommended that Hungary:


  • Support raising awareness of the Convention of the Rights of the Child
  • Improve the training of professional groups    that work with/for children through continuous and systematic trainings
  • Provide the recognition of principles of the convention by children and their parents via the educational system


In order for adults to accept the rights of children, and their commitment to them, they must also be aware of their own rights, and thus committed to the emergence of human rights. Only by living within their rights, while respecting the rights of others, are they able to regard children as individuals with rights themselves. Children must be made aware of their rights and how to appreciate and utilize these rights. Children who know and validate their rights at the same time learn to accept and respect others’ rights. Individuals made aware of their rights from childhood, and who validate them as well, will likely become an adult able to choose right from wrong in different situations and become a conscientious, active citizen.


Our organization had the opportunity to elaborate a one-one day training program for adults and children as well in the cognition and validation of child rights.


Our child rights training aims to develop the skills and awareness change for advocacy by exercises, practices, and case processing in small groups.

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