Mediation is a method of resolving controversial questions in which those parties involved in the dispute clarify their own interests with the help of a trained independent mediator and observing these may reach an agreement. Every participant represents his/her own viewpoints and interests, but a decision can only be made in which the viewpoint of every concerned party appears. The implementation of this dispute resolution technique is excellent for the solution of problems emerging in the area of family and child protection, aiding in the advance treatment of conflicts between families among themselves or with children, institutions or professionals. The implementation of mediation prevents and – when used successfully – supersedes the handling of conflicts in court with its limited results, such as family crisis, divorce, child custody, care for the ill, disputes about employment, etc. Since 2004, the Equal Opportunity Law has created the possibility for the representation of cases in which the victim – primarily the child – cannot or does not dare to initiate proceedings. Our trained and experienced mediators assume an intermediary role, assisting those who turn to us in finding the solution to their problematic cases.

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