Chicoca Tree

The aim of the Chicoca Tree training program is the prevention and treatment of sexual abuse of children. Developed by foreign professionals, the prevention program was adopted in Hungary in 1997 by experts in the study of child abuse with the Family Child Youth Association. The program has also been working in Mexico for years.


The program is built around a hand puppet film that tells the story of a sexual abuse case, from the symptoms of abuse to the resolution. In it, the puppets in the form of monkeys present all the elements of sexual abuse. The film is easily understood, despite the difficulty of the topic. The film is to be shown with a trained expert to parents or teachers, with group discussion to follow. During the discussions children are taught how to protect themselves; self-knowledge and body consciousness as the basis of the mental hygiene are also the objectives of the discussions. Prevention is the primary aim of the program.


Participants receive a certificate at the end of the four-day program. A

The course fee is 40.000 HUF.

Applications may be sent by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or by fax (+36 1 225 3525).