The introduction and expansion of the family mediation in the family and childprotection area is extremely important. The aim of the professional personal development training is to introduce the attendants with mediation procedure. With this technique professionals will be able to handle conflicts effectively of the families they work with.


The course consists of 2 – 30 hours each – modules.


The first modul

20 hours of practice-oriented training plus 10 hours of case discussion group.

The course includes: Conflict-theory fundamentals and skills; Negotiation and Mediation; The medition process; Methodology of the mediaton - skills review and practice; While improving methodology and skills particular attention given to the following topics: psychological knowledge and skills, mediation activities, knowledge of legal and ethical dimensions.


The second modul

The aim of this course is to practice and deepen the studied konwledge in a reflection to the mediation experiences. Contents: improving conflict management knowledge and skills; Identifying the negotiation and conflict managment style of the participants; Mediation procedure: processing the experiences in a group; Improving methodology and psychological knowledge and skills. The second part inculdes 5 problem-specific case simulation, and 2 full case simulation. 10 hours case-discussion and supervision group is added to the second part, where the requirement of the participation is that the student has at least one further completed mediation case, with own experience, and a written report of it, which is processed in the case-discussion and method-specific supervision group.


The course, beside its knowledge and skill improving blocks is highly practice-oriented and places great emphasis on getting practice in different ways.


The mediation case processing (mentored case parctice) is an integral part of the course, which supports practical adaptation. The field-work and case study takes place a month after the basic training. The course fee is 90.000 HUF.


If 12-24 person applies for the course we could travel to the countryside.


At the end of the overall 60-hour (3 +3 days) learning process, participants receive a certificate, and in the personal care worker training systems we confirm 35 points.


Accreditation number: S-05-082/2010
The written application are welcomed by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or fax (+36 1 225 3525).

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