Speak Up! Giving a voice to Europe's most vulnerable children - 2011-2012


Beneficiary organisation: Amalipe Centre for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance – Bulgaria, Roots Research Centre – Greece, Pavee Point Travellers’ Centre – Ireland, Yohri – Youth and Human Rights Institute – The Netherlands, Foundation Institute of Social Initiative – Poland, Mallardälen University – Sweden, Children’s Rights Alliance for England – The UK, Family, Child, Youth Association – Hungary.


Speak Up! is a 2-year project led by Eurochild on children's rights run under a grant from the Fundamental Rights & Citizenship Program of the European Commission. It aims to  address children's own views of their rights, the protection of those rights and their opinions on necessary national and European policy actions. The children involved are particularly vulnerable due to their situation or characteristics, as these children most frequently experience rights violations and are less likely to be heard.