Hungarian accreditation of the training on “Unlocking Children’s Rights”

coram trainingFamily Child Youth Association edited and revised the training materials in accordance with the Hungarian accreditation regulations during the first months of 2017.

 The training materials of “Unlocking Children’s Rights - Strengthening the capacity of professionals in the EU to fulfil the rights of vulnerable children” was accredited by the Hungarian Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection recently. They are the agency under the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities responsible for the management of the public social and child protection and care institutions in Hungary.


The DG at national level has 20 local agencies in the 19 counties and in the capital city, Budapest. Every county agency is responsible for managing the local institutions in fields like financing, human resources, services, placements, professional development etc.


Their mission is to maintain and to support the development of the care services, the quality of life of those placed there and their integration into the society as well as to develop the professional knowledge and skills of the carers in the nursing homes, psychiatric institutions, children's homes, and homes for persons with disabilities.


The primary aim of the Department for Trainings in the Directorate is the in-service training and supervision of those working in different areas in the social sector, the management of the continuous professional education system in the social care and child protection and the supervision of the different education standards of professional courses and trainings. Besides these priorities, the management of the registration, documentation for social workers and ensuring the availability of trainings for all the workers in the public sector.


Based on the 3 years accreditation of the training, it is now open for offering the program and from 2020 the accreditation can be extended.


The first training group is scheduled to start in the last months of 2017 depending on the interest and the possible funding to support those colleagues who can not cover the costs of the trainings.


The Family Child Youth Association currently plans to conduct 3 trainings annually.


We are also considering working together with other NGOs offering similar programs where synergies and methods can be combined and utilised.


Currently the Association is also offering training in mediation, victim-offender mediation, Family group conferencing, foster care pre-service, violence and child abuse prevention.