logo 1The project FORUM – For Unaccompanied Minors - transfer of knowledge for professionals to increase foster care was co-funded by the Directorate General Justice and Consumers of the European Commission under the Programme Justice REC – Rights of the Child-Violence against Children (REC-CHILD-AG-2016), which aims to promote and protect equality and the rights of persons, and in particular to promote nondiscrimination and the rights of the child.

Maria Herczog, International Expert on child protection, shares in this Editorial the progress made and remaining challenges that governments and societies have to address to achieve decent lives for Roma population, including children.

iss logoThe International Social Service (ISS) is an international NGO founded in 1924; today a network of national entities and a General Secretariat that assist children and families confronted with complex social problems as a result of migration.

Official statistics from 2011 indicate that 8,254 children and young people (0-24) are living in institutional care in Hungary. Material deprivation and poverty are among the most common causes of children entering public care, despite a law prohibiting the removal of children from their families on the basis of low family income, housing problems and other financial problems.