Our associates have extensive experience in the completion of job applications, the composition of curriculum vitaes and motivation letters, and in job interview preparation.

Our services include profile testing and the mapping of employee strengths by our experts, who also make recommendations on clients’ areas of potential development. Our experts can also recommend retraining if needed to improve a client’s chances.

We also offer complex services concerning group layoffs  that guarantee the correct and lawful complete process for the leaders and the employees who have been fired as well as those who allowed to stay on.

Restorative justice offers victims and their surroundings the possibility to let the effect, loss and pain of their wound be felt and to voice their grievance while actively participating in the determination of an acceptable form of reparation. It also affords the offender a good opportunity to face the victim and the effects and consequences of his offence shortly after its occurrence and to take an active part in this encounter. The procedure consists of offender(s), victim(s) and their supporters coming together to discuss the incident with a trained group leader and agreeing on future action. This method offers an excellent opportunity for school and children’s home educators, police, social workers and patrons to handle conflicts which often appear unsolvable, as well as helping children and young people to avoid future criminal acts and serious punishment. The method is also readily usable to resolve disputes in communities, such as schools, football clubs, smaller communities, ethnical groups, etc., as may be seen in an increasing number of countries where it is becoming an implemented part of the legal system, due to the EU requirements it has become part of the penal code primarily for juvenile delinquents.

A family group conference is the official meeting of family members and people who are important to them (relatives, friends, neighbours, etc.). The goal of the conference is to discuss what is to be done to provide appropriate care for a child or youth in order to provide them with the utmost in safety. The family group conference enables families to receive support in order to be able to reach their own independent solutions to problems, but only the family participates in the decision making itself. We assist in the preparation and organization of the conference.

Mediation is a method of resolving controversial questions in which those parties involved in the dispute clarify their own interests with the help of a trained independent mediator and observing these may reach an agreement. Every participant represents his/her own viewpoints and interests, but a decision can only be made in which the viewpoint of every concerned party appears. The implementation of this dispute resolution technique is excellent for the solution of problems emerging in the area of family and child protection, aiding in the advance treatment of conflicts between families among themselves or with children, institutions or professionals. The implementation of mediation prevents and – when used successfully – supersedes the handling of conflicts in court with its limited results, such as family crisis, divorce, child custody, care for the ill, disputes about employment, etc. Since 2004, the Equal Opportunity Law has created the possibility for the representation of cases in which the victim – primarily the child – cannot or does not dare to initiate proceedings. Our trained and experienced mediators assume an intermediary role, assisting those who turn to us in finding the solution to their problematic cases.